Do you want to take back control of your health?

Would you like to increase your energy and start feeling great?

Want to reduce and eliminate pain and inflammation? 

First, sweat it all out in our infrared sauna salt cave- then, eliminate whatever toxins are left in the detox foot bath.

 When you pair these 2 services together, your body is working hard to provide you with the ideal detox and adding more energy back into your life. 

Package Price: $80

Refreshments, cold towel, and 5 minute foot rub included. 



A far-infrared sauna treatment is a great way to begin your detox as it heats you up from the inside out! It’s warm, inviting and oh-so relaxing. And, you can easily burn 400 to 500 calories in one 30-minute far-infrared sauna treatment.

 Far-infrared saunas are made to penetrate deep inside the body — two inches deep — to help loosen up toxins and stimulate the lymphatic system.

According to scientific research, Infrared Saunas when paired with Himalayan salt rock therapy may aid in:

Enhancing longevity

Boosting detoxification

Reducing rates of heart disease

Improving weight loss

Providing energy and boosting physical performance

Improving brain function

Relieving skin and respiratory ailments

Reducing pain & inflammation

Boosting the Immune system

Preventing Alzheimer’s disease & dementia

Improving mood


Studies have shown that regular use of ionic detox foot baths help to aid in alleviating depression, relieve stress, and boost daytime energy due to the increased levels of serotonin.

This ionic foot bath offers a comfortable, relaxing way to eliminate toxins that are stored in your fat, kidneys, liver, bowels, and skin. Through the process of reverse osmosis, ionic baths can reduce the amount of heavy metals in your bloodstream, reduce inflammation, enhance your immune & lymphatic systems, as well as balance your body's overall PH level.  

There is a lot of confusion about ionic detox foot baths out there that lead people to believe the machine is pulling toxins out of their body from the soles of their feet. The ionic detox foot bath is designed to flood the user’s body with negative ions- which are antioxidants.

As time passes, the water will begin to rust from the strength of the negative charge flowing through the water and the user’s body, allowing you to visually see your detox.